Recipes and Cookbooks

为Sue Zhou Does Food制作的一系列菜谱,所有的图片都是为这个项目专门拍摄的,印刷品可以作为礼物送给客户,PDF的电子版本也能上客户下载后在移动设备上阅读。

Based in Beijing, Sue Zhou Does Food provides creative catering and culinary consulting service led by Chef Sue Zhou. This is a series of Chinese recipes created for print and digital.

  • 客户/Client: Sue Zhou Does Food
  • 时间/Time: 2013 - 2015
  • 内容/Area: Graphic Design, Photography

Dumpling/饺子:step by step guide on how to make dumpling
Yunnan Recipes/云南菜系列:include 5 classic Yunnan home dishes that you can make at home
Dry Pot Potato/干锅土豆
Mala Xiangguo/麻辣香锅
Chinese Breakfast
Gong Bao Chicken/宫保鸡丁